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apple developer account for sale :Hearthstone Balance Update Will Smack Demon Hunter With Nerfs, Again


Blizzard has announced another set of balance changes coming to Hearthstone, and like the last few updates it focuses mostly on the new class, Demon Hunter. Though the update also packs balance changes for some other powerful decks currently dominating the meta, one class is clearly the biggest target.Of the eight cards getting balance changes in the 17.6 update next week, three of them are Demon Hunter class cards. Those include Metamorphosis, Kayn Sunfury, and Warglaives of Azzinoth--all reliably aggressive Demon Hunter tools that have helped the class remain strong.Other big changes are coming to strong cards used in popular Warrior, Mage, and Druid decks. And similar changes are coming to the neutral legendary Dragonqueen Alexstraza and the Rogue Galakrond. Rather than generating or drawing cards that cost 0 Mana, both of their effects will instead bring cards that cost 1 Mana. That retains the strong effect but keeps them from being played all at once or in conjunction with strong combo effects.Heads up! Next week's 17.6 patch will include balance changes for a handful of cards in Standard. Full patch details will be shared July 14.??Learn more: https://t.co/fIKpzDBeUP,

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