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us apple developer accounts for sale:Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table Is Live On Kickstarter, Features Dozens Of Games


Arcade1Up first tackled home arcade cabinets before revealing its upcoming virtual pinball machines, and now it's entering the world of board games, comic books, and more with the Infinity Game Table. The table allows you to play virtual versions of classic board games including Monopoly, Scrabble, and Operation, and its Kickstarter campaign has begun. In fact, it more than doubled its goal in under an hour.The Infinity Game Table comes with a sizeable lineup of built-in games, many of which are licensed board games from the likes of Hasbro and Parker Brothers. The full list of free installed games is below:MonopolyBattleshipChutes and LaddersConnect 4OperationTroubleSorryCandylandSimonHungry Hungry HipposTrivial PursuitScrabbleYahtzeeGame of LifeChess ClassicWizards ChessCheckers ClassicColoringPuzzlesSolitaireBackgammonBlackjackRummyOthelloTic Tac ToeSudokuTexas Hold 'EmBilliardsGolfDominoesBowling MancalaIn addition to these games, Kickstarter backers will also receive Ticket to Ride and Pandemic. There will be free comic book access through a Comic Plus account, as well as 500 free coloring books and 300 free puzzles available at launch. A stretch goal has been revealed, adding Guess Who as a free game if it reaches $500,000. Given the current pace, that is almost inevitable. The Infinity Game Table will be available in 24-inch and 32-inch versions, which cost $499 and $699 during the Kickstarter period, and it supports online play for many of the games listed above. Up to six players can connect to play online, and for traveling players, there will be a $79 battery that can power the device for between three and five hours.Arcade1Up has faced more competition in the home arcade space recently, with AtGames continuing to release new products and newcomers like the iiRcade and the SNK MVSX also planned for release in November.

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